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December 16th
6:32 PM

The Season of Giving

Now that Christmas is around the corner and it’s the end of the year, I know that many companies are trying to squeeze in their last minute Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.  Many are doing this so that they can include it into their Annual Report. 

I was in a CSR meeting at a client’s office today when a thought crossed my mind, which I took a mental note to write about.

I asked myself, “When should we, either as individuals or companies, start thinking about the community?”  

Do we only think of giving back to society when we are making an excessive amount of profit?  Once a company establishes itself, at which stage should it start to think of giving back to the society?  What’s our reasoning behind giving back? Is it genuine charity, a self-gratifying action, for tax deductions, or just for padding annual reports?

So, as the meeting ended, the solution we provided was to include corporate and social responsibility in every aspect of their policy and corporate branding.  In my opinion, if we’re going to do something good, it should be a part of us in our every day routine, and not just something for the holidays. 


Wishing everyone A Joyful Holiday Season!